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We engage in pushing boundaries of time zones and countries.

GERMAN X Platform is an inhouse established online platform that connects all GERMAN X members worldwide. Valuable features guarantee that it overcomes the boundaries of time zones and countries and makes communication and exchange around the globe simple.

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The online platform creates a place where members of the community, startups, corporates, academia, innovation experts, members of global innovation ecosystems or curious newcomers can exchange ideas across borders at any time.

GERMAN X Platform enables easy exchange whereby participants can learn from each other’s experiences and build connections. Besides a membership directory and a messaging option, news as well as newly gathered experiences, articles and ideas can be shared. On the platform updates on current developments and trends are regularly published, it promotes creative thinking and enables discussions as well as hosting virtual workshops.

As a member of any GERMAN X program or service, you are certainly a member of the platform and you will not miss any insights!

Target group:

GERMAN X members, startups, corporates, academia, innovation experts, members of the German and foreign innovation ecosystem, curious newcomers

Added value:

Exchange experiences

Discuss together

Generate ideas

Send messages

Hold workshops

Author articles

Share and receive news

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Managing Director

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