GERMAN X Day 2023 – Singapore

Connecting the dots between Singapore and Germany.

Mark your calendar for October 25th
to join our first GERMAN X Day in Singapore.

With GERMAN X we have already built a worldwide network of passionate entrepreneurs, founders, startups, corporates and local community builders. All of us enjoy spending time with each other and love networking on a global level. We especially like to organize workshops and events that encourage the exchange of knowledge, experiences and innovations. Looking for an event or workshop?

Join our growing global event series.

25 October 2023, 9:00 am – 08:00 pm

German Center Singapore, 25 International Business Park, Singapore 609916

What awaits you

Global Networking

Expert Workshop

Panel Discussion

Key Notes

Startup Pitches

Join if you are





Sales Expert

Innovation Manager

Curious Local



Community Builder

Enjoy a whole day where it is all about Innovation via Sales.

Those who don’t listen to today’s customers will miss out on tomorrow’s groundbreaking innovations and opportunities. Only those who successfully use sales as a bridge between the firm itself and its customers can drive innovation and progress. Your chance to connect with German as well as local corporates, SMEs, startups, sales experts and community builder to gain new perspectives for game-changing innovations.

09 am – 01 pm

Workshop: Innovation via Sales

Small group of 20 people

Explore how to identify clients needs and desires through sales activities

See how to get a high interaction rate with the customer

Uncover how to use your customer as a source of learning for future innovations

Learn how to create new innovations truly needed

Discover how to build a customer-centric innovation process

Turn your sales team and your clients into co-innovators.

Developing products and services without considering your customer’s needs and preferences can hinder successful innovation. Thus, quite often, the role of the customer is overlooked within the innovation process. It is essential to identify those needs to develop innovative solutions that truly resonate with your target group. Sales staff are in daily contact with clients, a decisive source and success lever for a customer-centric innovation process.

02 pm – 08 pm

Networking: Connecting the dots

Join global networking with German and local stakeholders

Become part of a global growing community

Get inspired by key notes

Gain new innovation perspectives through startup pitches

Benefit from passionate guests within panel discussions

Immerse yourself in the world of sales through roundtable discussions

Enjoy food & beverages

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