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Toronto – stable and full of innovation opportunities

With its strong economy, supportive government policies, and thriving entrepreneurial community, Toronto is becoming a powerhouse in the global startup landscape.

Barcelona – evolving center for tourism, services and technology

Diverse and vibrant, Barcelona offers a range of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Numerous accelerators and incubators provide valuable support for startups.

IoT – what this means and how you can apply it to your company’s advantage

Learn how the Internet of Things connects our everyday devices and revolutionizes our lives. From smart homes and smart cities to connected industrial plants and healthcare, the IoT is opening up a new era of innovation.

Dubai – the thriving bridge between Europe and Asia

Dubai presents itself as an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their operations globally with modern infrastructure, excellent connectivity and business-friendly policies.

São Paulo – a city on the rise with innovation and diversity

The development of Brazil's startup ecosystem has been a major factor in São Paulo's rise as a center for innovation. Several programs have been created to support entrepreneurship and the growth of startups throughout the city.