GERMAN X is your anchor for global scalability of innovation!

We support German corporates and German startups in scaling globally in vibrant innovation ecosystems.

Our mission is to help corporates and startups gain foothold in vibrant ecosystems, by connecting them with foreign startups, investors, accelerators, universities, and community builders.

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Based on four principles GERMAN X offers individual programs, and key assets to expand networks and to run innovation activities in other vibrant ecosystems.

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GERMAN X for Corporates

Creates an easy access into global innovation ecosystems for corporates to strengthen the global innovation point of view and to support the acceleration of innovation.

GERMAN X for Startups

Empowers startups proceeding in the internationalization stage to enter foreign markets through a tailor-made program with a network of mentors, market experts and investors.

GERMAN X Community

Fosters the exchange between German and foreign innovation ecosystems through acceleration of knowledge sharing and network building. A combination of a local community and an annual one-day event.

GERMAN X Platform

Pushes the boundaries of time zones and countries and combines easy networking with fast communication worldwide as an online platform.

Focusing on individual service, GERMAN X is considered the perfect complement to an existing startup accelerator. It represents German innovative strength in a unique setting.

Jana Nothhelfer

Project Manager

Developed by creative minds, GERMAN X offers corporates and startups an innovative comprehensive approach. Innovation is holistically conceived and addresses individual company needs.

Helena Sporer

Global Lead

GERMAN X bridges the gap between corporates and startups. Companies can deeply dive into the vibrant ecosystem of the target country and find the innovations they are looking for.

Sarah Hennig

Project Manager


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Upcoming Events

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Masterclass – Startup Cooperation

08.03.2023, Singapore

Masterclass – Innovation in Sales

15.03.2023, Singapore

Masterclass – Innovation Culture

13.03.2023, Singapore


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Global Lead

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Managing Director

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